viernes, 10 de agosto de 2007

The faculty - الكلية

al-kulliyya. As some of you—the cleverer and smarter only, of course—may have noticed by now, this exceptional post in English will be entirely devoted to the kulliya people, that odd bunch of few brave men and many women that happened to meet at, of all places, the University of Rabat. I assume that several of them, those intrepid by nature, those who occasionally visit this web and wade through my unbelievably beautiful prose trying to make some sense out of it, will be grateful.

Hi guys! How are you coping with what’s left of your non-Moroccan summer? I have plenty of reasons to be quite annoyed. Can you believe I felt like going to the bathroom once back in Spain and found no hole in the ground but a perfectly clean toilet bowl? Bloody hell, what on Earth is happening to our decadent Europe? Now even soft, scented toilet paper is available? Come on! Boy I miss my holes…

Moreover, to top it all, two days ago I walked into a commercial center to buy the new Editors’ album. Hello, ma’am, I might intend this album to be mine, I said politely. And then it happened. I must admit I was pretty shocked at the shop assistant’s answer. I can’t recall exactly but she said something like You want to pay with cash? As you will surely understand I couldn’t but stare in awe and mutter slowly:

—But I… I…, you know, I… want to haggle…
—I said I’d like to… I… I want to haggle.
—I beg your pardon, say again?
—No haggling?
—I don’t quite understand. I think I don’t, I’m afraid…
—I want to haggle, for Christ’s sake, you moron!
—Hey, young boy, where’s the point in…
—Shut up, you European, arrogant woman! I want to haggle! And you know what? I’m only paying in
(Shubbaki-like, slow pace) diiiir-haaaams!

That’s exactly when I got kicked out of the place. That was rude, if you ask me… And if truth be known I wasn’t lying about the dirhams—I found out I’m not as good as James Din at making new Moroccan money-changing friends everywhere I go…

By the way, no doubt about it, I guess you all rushed frantically at your computers as soon as you arrived home, eager to download those two immortal Arabic hits (two hits, therefore hitayn) we learned of in Rabat. Just in case you haven’t found them, here they are for you to listen and download:

Acţini an-nayy
أعطني الناي

Marcel Khalifedownload
Wa'anā amši
وأنا أمشي

As Luisa put it, Morocco, what a feeling… I miss you, guys. Finally, here are some pictures for your own personal enjoyment. Just click on the picture below and you’ll be kindly redirected.

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Luisa Izpisúa Clemente dijo...

Oh! Wetman! You’ve made me open my eyes with your fantastic appreciations, and now, I have realized how difficult the life is, here in Spain, with their useless European toilets, and all their comfortable things…it’s hatred! You can’t imagine how I miss our real country,Morocco. Here I feel like a stranger, where is Fast Pizza?? I have asked a lot of times for my Margarita but it never comes!... perhaps “Fast Pizza Man” is at the door of the kulia waiting for me, with a cold pizza, and a cold heart too…It’s not fair!
I’ve tried to pay with my dirhams too, but here, they only speak about something called “EURO”, I don’t want to imagine what a diabolical thing is that…
And the most important thing: two days ago, I asked for my café au lait , and the waiter give it to me in less than 5 minutes!!! I can’t stand that…perhaps I’ll come back to our native country, with our fantastic king Muhammad VI, with Jalal, Amin, kulia’s cats, and my man under the bridge…
It’s true…Morocco….What a feeling!!!

Din dijo...


Wow, photos are more than beautifull. But the first thing I´ve done it was that I listened:"Aatenni Al-Nai Wa Ghanny".
When did y make a picture in the classroom? Was it some kind of feminist mu´temer (conference)?:-)Where are the guys?

Picture: "A room with a view" reminds me of my fruit-moments I had in the morgnins & evenings enjoying att the "menzar" to the crowded Kamra, kulijja and beutifull sky.

Miss y and Rabat

Din dijo...

Luisa, your man under the bridge?

Din dijo...

Thanks for the post in English I felt outside until now) as many times in Rabat with "belgium&spainish" people:-)who were talking all´the time strange-linguae:-)

Proposal: That we write (apply) to European Council for next year scholarships:-).Reasons are many of course:-)


Luisa Izpisúa Clemente dijo...

Hey Din! bridge man!I think that i'm not ready to remember it, but I'll make an effort fot you..
Once upon in time, in a city called Meknes, two girls called Auré and Luisa were walking under a bridge...and suddenly, a wet nude men appeared!!! That's all!!

Aurélie and Luisa miss you BRIDGE-MAN!

cats friend dijo...

aaah (nostalgic) the faculty.. what a feeling! Thanks for these pictures which remind me a lot of things. Min fadlik stop talking about the bridges, now i see a therapist to forget about that (and to forget about my impossible love for the kulya waiters). I miss the sunny weather here its raining so bad, fucking WET weather (Ramon are you round here??)where is my yawm al jum'a couscous :( ??
Hasta la vista sadiqi

Eleonore dijo...

Oh, kuliyya... There's a tear in the corner of my eye, especially for you. With your smelly cats, many holes and umbrella shower curtains; your kind mr. Tawfiq; your friendly waiters and horribly slow food... It must be love.

Beatrice dijo...

It must be love for the simple for genuinity and slow life time, Marocco is like to travel back to the past knowing that we can always return to the future.....just press a botton, get that plain/bus/ferry. Just do it! And we did it and I'll never forget the kullia, you beautiful friends in love with arabic...that means I'm not the only crazy one in this world!
I miss you all, thanks Ramon for this album that remind me that your faces are reals and that life is real....with cats, smells and the fucking misters Tawfiqs, just with different sauces.
Life is life, but Marocco is different....

YOLY dijo...

AYYYYYY! I was dissapeared so much time!!! OOOHH!!! I miss all of you, the first weeks was so sad and boring. I want to see you now!!!! Next week I go to Alicante, I'm looking forward to do it. And also looking forward to return to the KULLIA and pass more moments there with all of you. Thank you for all the bolgs and I hope can be more in contact since now. A lot of memories come to my mind seeing these photos. Congratulations Ramon by your effort and hope to see you soon.
Good luck for everybody and START TO PREPARE THE NEXT TRAVEL!! A LOT OF KISSES!!!

Lamia dijo...

Pour une fois que je peux écrire en français!! :)
Merci pour ces belles photos Ramon, tu me fais revivre plein de beaux souvenirs!
Vous me manquez tous, enfin presque.. :p
Viens nous faire visite en belgique,à nous, the belgian people!!
On vous attends avec impatience.!!

Pour un garçon qui a toujours le sourire aux lèvres ;);)